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Building long-term relationships.


Extremely proud of "TEAM ORACLE" for taking the team award and the first ever Floating Trophy, winning two of the 4 categories (Delivery and Innovation).


Just a quick mail to thank RDC Support (Specifically Kenneth) for the excellent work on Saturday evening/early Sunday morning.
Without his support we would have been in a lot of trouble.
It is really great to know that we have such a competent Support Provider –


I would like to thank RDC team, specifically Wynand and Stanley for the professional support they offered to Value Logistics last night.
Value had experienced a total failure on our SAN and had to rebuild the SAN, after the SAN was back up it was found that we had corruption on our Oracle as well as on the SQL databases.
These issues were addressed and attended to by Wynand/Stanley and both the SQL and the Oracle environments were recovered to full operational status in a very short time.
Thanks again to you and your team for the great support received.
It is really appreciated.


We finally got this sorted. RDC was brilliant in his perseverance in solving a very, very frustrating problem with getting 32bit drivers to work on 64bit windows in conjunction with 32bit applications.
It was a nightmare but thank god he got it working. Thank you very, very much.
We have another big job coming up shortly which I’ll email you about tomorrow.


I’ve been really pleased with the services provided by you. The response time to all my requests and emails has always been speedy and the responses always more than satisfactory.
Best of all is that I’ve always been helped with a smile!


As you know, at the dawn of 2013 we experienced serious challenges with some customer facing applications like Dealerweb and 8.ta top up.
On request for assistance you pulled out all stops performing around the clock investigations.  I am also aware that in some cases you did this whilst on leave. 
My team testified about the professionalism with which you managed and executed these tasks during this high risk period. 
Thank you for your dedication and support!
I would like to take my hat off at the great job done on the customer center platform  , the response is amazing.


I would like to take this opportunity and thank you for granting us the services of Willem; guiding us through the new functionality provided in Oracle 11g R1/R2.
Willem demonstrated superior knowledge of the product and components he talked about and we could immediately identify various areas where it will be of great benefit to us, and to keep your DBA’s a bit busier… :)
We look forward to dealing with the likes of RDC in the future.


A big thank you for a great job done over the weekend to upgrade the BaaN Oracle database and incorporating BaaN into our virtual environment.
I appreciate all the long hours in planning this and then the flawless execution of the plan. This demonstrates yet again that it's 80% in the planning and that a small dedicated group of people is the way to succeed.


Kudos to RDC.
We welcome and fully appreciate this level of support.
From my side a huge thanks and looking forward to continue working with you guys.


It has been a journey getting here. Thank you for planning and providing a solution so that we can have an environment which is hardened without compromising the service to the customer.
Thank you, you are the best.


Can you do something similar for Steven as TSA policy does not allow for us to reward a contractor in this way?
He as well as all the RDC contractors add tremendous value to DCO / TSA and for that we are highly appreciative, many thanks


To All at RDC, Thank you too for the great service that we have received throughout the year - it really makes achieving our goals so much more pleasant!! Best wishes for the holiday season and if you are traveling, take care out there!


Good morning gentlemen.  Hope you are well.  I would like to thank you for the speed response to this requests yesterday on such short notice.  I would also like to thank you for resolving it promptly.  It is results like this that reassures me that we, Avon has partnered with the correct Vendor.
Thanks again and keep up the good work.


First of all I would like to thank RDC’s management for the quick response to our requests for RDC’s assistance with our recent Oracle Clusterware Incident on RMB’s UAT Cluster.
RDC did a fantastic effort in re-installing Oracle 10g Clusterware on OCFS2.  There were numerous issues he had to deal with to get the installation right , all of which was dealt with extremely efficiently.
RDC  is an asset to any company and the dedication, skill and expertise is an example to all Oracle professionals.
Please convey RMB’s gratitude to all for the excellent effort.


Just a huge thank you to each of you for all your hard work on the RMB account, it’s a sad day for all of us, but I’m confident our paths will cross again.
You showed real commitment and dedication towards the RMB customer and Environment, and it has been a real privilege working with all of you.
Thank you for carrying the DiData name on our behalf with pride.
As discussed, please ensure you take all personal possessions with you, and your access cards can be left with me.


Thank you for the huge effort you have put into the Oracle 11G upgrades this past weekend.
I have the highest regard for your attention to detail, quality of work, professionalism and work ethic and appreciate your effort and dedication. Without your commitment we would never have been in a position to progress the Oracle 11G upgrade in the way we are doing.
You are truly a team to be very proud of.


I hope that you are well?
I know that your clients are very quick to complain about support , and very few times do they ever compliment support.
On 2 Separate occasion I had big issues with Opera (well in my world they were big)  and Louis Kruger was assigned to my cases, he is a pleasure to work with, nothing is too much effect and always goes the extra mile
Craig, please give these guys huge bonuses and increases on their next assignments. :)


"RDC provides top class Oracle Database Administration services and consultants that have in-depth knowledge about Oracle Databases, Oracle Clusters and related areas of the Oracle Database (DataGuard, High Availability, Backups etc). Each consultant they provided to us has shown they can work independently with minimal input and as part of a larger team and they all have show excellent professionalism in the work environment. All RDC Oracle DBAs have shown very level headed thinking in very difficult and high pressured environments and assisted at very short notice without any prior arrangements.

I would highly recommend RDC DBAs to any future client that is thinking of outsourcing their DBA function or that would like to compliment their existing DBA staff.

The recommendations on this site are my own and do not represent Dimension Data’s positions or opinions."
Service Category: Oracle Database Administrator Services
Year first hired: 2008 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert


We were very happy with the level of support over the weekend from RDC, your guys once again proved your excellence in skill and knowledge.
Mmbangi is a true superstar, even with only 30minutes sleep in 2 days, he had no issue to assist and continue.

Much appreciated.
Once again thank you to RDC’s invaluable contributions this weekend


Jean & Shaun’s valuable help and assistance with the recovery of the SUN servers after the power outage is much appreciated. Their overall dedication to assist and to drive problems to resolution (even in areas where it is not expected) is admirable.


Internal Audit has indicated that in overall terms they are  happy with the result and process and we will  receive a satisfactory rating.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank  the RDC team for ensuring a successful recovery of the AFS Financial system.
RDC’s contribution in this exercise has certainly assisted in achieving the  overall satisfactory rating.

Once again, well done and many thanks to all the hard work and effort that went in to ensuring a successful DR test.
Keep up the good work and great team effort!

RDC Group
® RDC. All Rights Reserved.

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