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EBS Inspector

Take the guesswork out of Oracle E-Business Suite

EBS Inspector

Why use Oracle EBS best practices?

Best Practises have been tried, tested and found to be successful. They ensure that your implementations satisfy your stakeholder and user base.

Best practice advantages:

  • Using a best practice removes the guesswork – The Oracle EBS system is vast with a lot of parameters and configurations that need to be set correctly to ensure optimal system performance, scalability and efficiency.
  • Using best practice standardizes your implementation to industry norms – A standardized implementation and configuration not only increases your success rate but also ensures you get a consistent base for reuse.
  • Using best practices saves time and money – Problem resolution can be a long and costly affair.  Certain best practises address problems at their onset thus eliminating the need for lengthy investigations by costly resources.
  • Most importantly, best practices are proven to work - They’ve been shown to provide the changes in configuration that yield the outcomes we’re interested in.
  • Stability - Enhanced long term stability of the EBS system.

Let Relational Database Consulting (RDC) assess your Oracle EBS environment against Oracle E-Business Suite best practices.

EBS Inspector Configuration
As assessment of your architecture and configuration of your Oracle E-Business System.

EBS Inspector Security
An assessment of your security, masking and auditing settings.

EBS Inspector Performance
An assessment of your Oracle EBS system performance.

EBS Inspector ensures best practices for all 3 categories are applied to:

  • OS Management
  • Client Tier Management
  • Apps Tier Management
  • Database Tier Management
  • Version Management
  • Concurrent Managers
  • Workflow Management

The EBS Inspector service will provide a comprehensive report with recommendations on areas that violate best practises.

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