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Ops Director

Ops Director (OD) is an innovative portal with a built in timesheet management, expenses, leave application and reminder system for consulting companies. We identified these needs for ourselves and like-minded SMEs and developed the system to meet them efficiently.

The Ops Director (OD) is your guaranteed lowest cost alternative for a high-quality, high-value professional services operations management system.

We use OD for our own operations, and continually invest into it to grow the solution.

OD is a cloud-based, hosted & browser accessible operations management solution that doesn’t require capital investment and delivers tangible results within hours to days. Tried-and-tested processes enables you to manage your professional services business efficiently and effectively from anywhere on the planet.


In our experience, there are a number of common challenges faced by professional services and project-based businesses. 

These include:

  • Integrate administrative processes
  • Better understanding of costs
  • Central and simplified billing
  • Easier billing query handling
  • More control over revenue leakage
  • Business process integration with Accounting system
  • Easy and timeous management reports
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