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RDC Successes

RDC has become the accepted professional ICT service provider standard through highly competitive rates, significant value-add to clients and it’s speed and quality in response.

Outsourced / Onsite Support

  • RDC augments a large Telco DB support team in servicing over 850 Oracle databases, over 140 Microsoft SQL Server instances and a growing number of MySQL databases.
  • Successfully migrated an 18TB Data Warehouse onto an Exadata appliance.
  • Implemented a middleware environment consisting of Oracle Web Centre Sites and Oracle Weblogic Server amongst others.
  • Upgraded over 50 multi-terabyte production databases to Oracle 11g.
  • Led the upgrade and virtualisation of the Solaris 10 to Solaris 11 enterprise landscape.

  • 100% Availability in agreed business hours across all production environments for 4 years in a row.
  • At a financial institution, we run the entire environment of 260 databases on a single version of Oracle – Oracle  11g.
  • We are leaders in Innovation and Automation.
    • Successfully implemented an in-house developed security scanning tool called ALCATRAZ, ensuring a green audit and total database compliance against security standards.
    • Successfully implemented a License Management tool called RADAR, ensuring compliance against Licenses bought.
    • Utilising a Patch Management Tool, menu driven automation can patch 35 databases in under 20 minutes
    • Benchmark Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) for the customer over a 3 month period.
  • Assisted large corporations in rolling out critical projects on time, through the entire life cycle into production.

Remote Support

  • The successful migration of production databases to an Exadata appliance at a one of the largest tertiary education institutions in South Africa.
  • Upgrade of a 1.8TB database from Oracle 9i (Windows 2000) to Oracle 11g (Windows 2008) within a 24hour window.
  • Realised 80% performance gain in client batch processes through the comprehensive performance tuning of application SQL.
  • Non-production environment upgrades from Oracle 11g to Oracle 12C.

E-Business Suite Support

  • Our skilled teams have successfully upgraded a number of client environments from Oracle E-Business Suite 11i to R12.
  • An above 99% uptime achieved at most Oracle E-Business Suite clients.
  • A 400% improvement in (specific) client cloning process achieved through intensive tuning.
  • Weblogic Integration to Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1
  • Oracle Transportation Management Integration and Cloning with Oracle E-Business Suite.
  • Oracle E-Business Suite implemented on multiple node Oracle RAC Clusters with Dataguard

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